What is art therapy?

What is Art Therapy?

Art psychotherapy, also known as art therapy, is a therapeutic practice that uses art-making as a means to explore and express emotions, thoughts, and experiences. This form of therapy is a valuable tool in mental health treatment, promoting healing and personal growth. It helps individuals gain insights, articulate difficult emotions, and develop healthier coping mechanisms through the act of making art.

"If I could say it in words there would be no reason to paint"

(Edward Hopper)

What is art therapy?

What will we do?

An art psychotherapy session starts with a brief conversation to check in, address concerns, and set goals. A simple art activity may be introduced to help you relax. You will have various art materials to choose from and engage in creating art freely. Throughout, you'll receive support to explore your emotions and thoughts. Afterward, you and the therapist will review the artwork, discussing its representation and the emotions it evokes. The therapist may offer insights and help connect your art to your inner experiences. The session ends with processing emotions, integrating insights, planning future tasks, and a closing ritual for stability.

"Art can permeate the very deepest part of us, where no words exist"

Eileen Miller

What is art therapy?

Do I have to be good at art?

No, you do not need to have any previous experience or expertise in art.

"I prefer drawing to talking. Drawing is faster, and leaves less room for lies."

(Le Corbusier)

What is art therapy?

Why is art therapy needed? 

Art therapy is needed because it offers a unique, multifaceted approach to mental health treatment. It allows for non-verbal expression, emotional release, stress reduction, self-discovery, confidence building, improved communication, behavioural management, and a holistic approach to therapy. By engaging in the creative process, individuals can gain valuable insights, heal emotional wounds, and develop healthier coping mechanisms, contributing to overall well-being and personal growth.

"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn"

(Xun Kuang)

What is art therapy?

Who is art therapy suitable for?

Art therapy can be used by anyone of any cultural background and age. It helps if you make time for art on a regular basis, try to create something every day and if you don't have time every day, hopefully, you can use art as a way to get grounded when you need to.